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Course Requirements

Basic English Language Comprehension Proficiency of CEFR A2 Level

Course Description

Imagine that every time you speak, you appear supremely confident, relaxed and authentic. Every movement your body makes conveys the message you want it to. Imagine never having to wonder what to do with your hands or how to stand or move when you are giving a presentation.

You can be a master of your Body Language. Today.

In this Body Language class, you will learn what to do with your hands, body and face so that you will look confident and relaxed in front of your speaking audience. You won't have to wonder if you look nervous, scared or unprofessional any longer. 

Learn techniques to align your body language seamlessly with your message, enhancing effectiveness in various settings. Understand how intentional body language contributes to the clarity and impact of your communication.

Develop the skill to make your body work in tandem with your communication, unlocking its potential to convey confidence and authority. This foundational skill forms the basis for effective personal and professional interactions.

Even if you are scared, you will learn how to look completely relaxed in front of any speaking audience.

Why go through one more meeting or presentation worried that you don't look or sound your best? 

Sign up for this Body Language Class today.

Course Outcomes

At the end of this session, you will be able to:

1. Develop the skill to make your body work harmoniously with your communication, harnessing its power to convey confidence and authority. 

2. Learn techniques to align your body language with your message for enhanced effectiveness in personal and professional interactions.

3. Acquire the ability to project a positive and trustworthy image through intentional body language.

4. Cultivate strategies to retain viewers' attention and keep them actively engaged

5. Learn how to leverage body language to captivate your audience, ensuring that your messages are not only heard but also remembered for greater impact.

Course Curriculum

1 [Public Speaking Course] Body Language Mastery for Dynamic Public Speaking
1 Hour 15 Min

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[Public Speaking Course] Body Language Mastery for Dynamic Public Speaking


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