Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started – General


1.    What is e-LATiH?

e-LATiH is HRD Corp’s e-learning learning platform that provides Malaysians with unlimited access to online courses from reputable content providers. 



2.    Who is eligible for e-LATiH?

e-LATiH is open to all individuals.



3.    Do I need to pay to enroll for courses in e-LATiH?

e-LATiH offers both free and premium courses. You can access more than 1,000 free courses without any payment. For premium courses, you may purchase the courses based on the price stated by the provider.



4.    What is the minimum system requirement to access the courses on e-LATiH?

e-LATiH uses common browser-based technology - and no additional plugins or software are required beyond modern web browsers (e.g.: Chrome, Safari, or Microsoft Edge)

  • Mozilla Firefox: Version 68 or later
  • Google Chrome: Version 76 or later
  • Safari: Version 11 and later
  • Internet Explorer: Version 11 and later (we also support Microsoft Edge and Samsung Internet)


5.    Can I access e-LATiH using my mobile phone?

Yes, you can access e-LATiH using your mobile phone by simply launching the browser and navigating to https://elatih.hrdcorp.gov.my/ to sign up and start learning.


However, please note that e-LATiH DOES NOT have its own dedicated mobile application at this moment.




1.    How do I create my profile?

You can create your own profile by signing up for an account at https://elatih.hrdcorp.gov.my


2.    How do I edit my profile?

You can edit your profile through the following:

Click on your Profile Icon > My Profile > Capture the Updates > Save Changes.


3.    How do I edit my name?

You can edit your name through the following:

Click on your Profile Icon > My Profile > Capture the Updates > Save Changes. Please note that, this name will be used in all your certificates.


4.    Can I create more than one account for myself?

No, one (1) person can only create one (1) account.


5.    How do I change my password?

You may change your password through the following:

Click on your Profile Icon> Account Settings > Set your New Password > Save Changes.


6.    I forgot my password. How do I retrieve it?

Simply click on “forgot password” on your log-in page. You will receive an email with a link to reset your password. Kindly click on the link provided or copy and paste the link into your browser to reset your password.

7.    I forgot my email ID that I used to sign up, how do I retrieve it?

Kindly email to elatih@hrdcorp.gov.my and request to retrieve your registered email ID. Please provide your Phone Number and Date of Birth to enable us to retrieve your email ID quickly and accurately.

8.    How do I delete my account?

Kindly email elatih@hrdcorp.gov.my and request an account deletion/deactivation. Please provide your registered email address for verification purposes.





1.    How do I enrol in e-LATiH courses?

The platform is intuitive. You can easily select and enrol in any course you are interested in by clicking “Enrol Now” button on the course page.


2.    What types of courses are offered on e-LATiH?

All courses offered in e-LATiH are on-demand learning and are categorised into 25 different skill areas.


3.    How do I know which course suits me?

The platform will suggest relevant courses based on your enrolment history.


4.    How many courses can I enrol in?

You have unlimited access to all courses on e-LATiH.


5.   Do I have any specific timeframe to start and complete a course on e-LATiH?

No, you can start learning anytime and complete a course at your own pace with no specific deadlines.


6.    Is there any assessment for the courses in e-LATiH?

Some courses may have assessments in the form of quizzes such as multiple-choice questions, fill-in-the-blanks, and matching questions.


7.   Do I receive any certificate after completing a course?

Yes, you will receive a certificate of completion from HRD Corp upon completing a course.

Click on your Profile Icon> Dashboard> My Certificate


8.    Can I download the course video?

Due to copyright matters ‘Download’ or offline features are not available.


Premium Courses

1.    What is a premium course?

A premium course is exclusive content designed by professional content providers with an enhanced learning experience.

2.    How do I know if it is a premium course?

The premium courses will be labelled with the price in Ringgit Malaysia (RM), while free courses will be labelled with FREE tagging. You may filter based on your needs.

3.   Do I receive any certificate or accreditation after completing a course?

Yes, you will receive a premium certificate from HRD Corp upon completion of the course.

Click on your Profile Icon> Dashboard> My Certificate

4.    How do I purchase a premium course?

You may purchase a premium course with the steps below:

  I. Select the course of your choice and click on the course title for more details.

 II. Click “Add to cart” (you may add multiple courses to the cart).

III. Click on the cart icon   to view the shopping cart.

IV. Click the “Checkout” button at the bottom of the cart list.

 V. Fill up the billing details accordingly.

VI. Read and agree to the e-LATiH Terms of use by ticking √ on "I have read and agree to the e-LATiH Terms of use..." clause.

VII. Click the “Place an Order” button to proceed to the payment page.

VIII. Choose payment method: iPay88. You will be redirected to the iPay88 page to proceed with the payment.

IX. Once payment is completed, you will be redirected back to the e-LATiH portal to start learning.

5.    What are the payment methods available to purchase the Premium Course?

The accepted payment methods are as follows:

1. Domestic Credit Card / Debit Card (Visa/Mastercard)

2. Domestic online banking / FPX

3. eWallet (Boost,Touch ‘n Go, Shopee Pay, MCash & MAE)

6.    How many Premium Courses can I purchase?

There is no limit when purchasing premium courses.

7.    What if I do not like the course I purchased?

You are not entitled to a refund in the event that you do not like the course purchased. Hence, we highly suggest you go through the course information before deciding on your purchase.

8.    How do I find the purchased courses?

You may find the course through the following:

My Profile > My Courses > Filter Premium > Click on the selected course > Enrol Now > Continue Watch.

9.    When should I start the course once purchased?

You are required to enrol in the courses within 48 hours from the time of purchase. You can enrol in the course through the following:

Click on the selected course > Enrol Now > Continue Watch.

10.  How long do I need to complete the purchased course?

There is no deadline to complete the purchased course. You will have lifetime access to the purchased courses provided that your e-LATiH account remains active.

11.  Is the Premium Course levy claimable?

Yes, it is levy claimable by employers only.

12.  As an employer, how do I utilise the levy for premium course?

Please refer to the following steps:

Grant Application

  i. Step 1: Apply grant by selecting Skim Bantuan Latihan (SBL) from the Scheme Code.

 ii. Step 2: Under the “Programme details tab”, it is mandatory to state "e-LATiH Premium" as the description of the course.

iii. Step 3: Insert the screenshot of the Premium Course Overview and Course curriculum from e-LATiH page and attach it as a supporting document.

Claim Application

i. Step 1: During claim application, you would need to attach the Course receipt as proof of purchase under the “Actual Cost of Reimbursement tab”.

ii. Once this has been completed, you may submit your claim application.

13.  Is there a limitation on the utilisation of levy?

Yes, you may refer to the Allowable Cost Matrix Online Training (e-learning) which is available at https://hrdcorp.gov.my/employer-guidelines/.

14.   How do I get the receipt for my purchased course?

You may retrieve your receipt through the following:

Click on your Profile Icon > Dashboard > My Purchase > View.

15.  How do I request for refund on the course purchased?

To submit your request for a refund, kindly email to elatih@hrdcorp.gov.myPlease also provide your email address, phone number, order ID, and justification to request a refund. For further information on the refund process, kindly refer to the Refund Policy document. 

You are eligible for a refund if there is any technical issue provided that you enroll in the course within 48 hours from the time of purchase. The course becomes non-refundable if the refund requests are raised after 48 hours without an enrolment.



1.     Who should I contact for technical support?

Kindly email your concerns or technical queries to elatih@hrdcorp.gov.my

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