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CP FAQ 123

Getting Started – General

1. What is e-LATiH?

  • e-LATiH is Malaysia’s premier e-learning platform that provides unlimited access to online courses from reputable content providers. The main objective of this platform is to encourage and cultivate a lifelong learning culture via easily accessible learning resources that are customised to the needs of the Malaysian industry.

2. What is e-LATiH Premium?

  • e-LATiH Premium is a marketplace to sell high-quality e-learning courses designed by professional content providers with an enhanced learning experience. HRD Corp provides an opportunity to all HRD Corp registered Training Providers to develop, create and market e-learning courses on the e-LATiH platform.

3. Why should I be a part of e-LATiH?

  • e-LATiH Premium shall provide a new avenue for you to offer your services and provide long-term value for the learners through easily accessible learning resources.

  • You will be entitled to the following benefits but not limited to:
    i.     Gain access to a wider audience through e-LATiH;
    ii.    Create a new revenue stream through existing contents;
    iii.   Generate continuous income with a one-time effort;
    iv.    Access to content creation tools to kick start your e-learning journey.

Become a Content Provider (CP) on e-LATiH

1. Who is eligible to be a Content Provider on e-LATiH?

  • All HRD Corp Registered Training Providers are eligible to access the Content Provider account on e-LATiH.

2. How do I become an HRD Corp Registered Training Provider?

3. How do I access the Content Provider account?

  • No additional registration is required for HRD Corp Registered Training Providers.

  • Visit https://elatih.hrdcorp.gov.my and scroll down to the bottom of the page to find the CP Log In.

  • Use your existing eTris credentials (MyCoID and password) to access the Content Provider account.

4. How do I set up / update my Content Provider account?

  • Click on your profile icon> MyProfile > Capture the updates > Agree to the Terms and Conditions > Click “Update”.

  • The following information fields marked with an asterisk (*) are filled in automatically based on your eTris database and cannot be edited:
    i.      Company Name
    ii.      MyCoID
    iii.     Phone
    iv.     Address 1, Address 2
    v.      Postcode
    vi.     City
    vii.    State
    viii.   Country

  • For any changes to the above information, please make the amendment on eTris.

5. Is there any agreement to become an e-LATiH Content Provider?

  • Yes, you must read and agree to the legally binding CP Terms & Conditions whilst setting up your profile before proceeding with the course development.


1. How do I create courses in e-LATiH?

  • Please refer to the e-LATiH Course Creation Guideline which is available at the “Add course” tab on the CP account.

2. How long does it take to publish a course?

  • Upon course submission, you are subjected to a course review process to ensure the course is of high quality and minimum requirements are met. You shall receive email feedback from e-LATiH within 14 working days for publication/amendment/query if any. The review will be made based on the course criteria from the e-LATiH Course Creation Guideline.

3. What is the maximum number of courses that can be created on e-LATiH?

  • There is no limit when creating a course on e-LATiH. You can create free and paid courses at your own discretion.

4. Do I need to get approval from HRD Corp on the price setting for Premium Courses?

  • No, HRD Corp provides freedom to CPs to set their own course prices.

5. What are the Course Requirements?

Item Description / Requirements
Title The Course title should be simple and reflect the course content.
Course requirements Qualification or preliminary knowledge needed to pursue the course.
Course description General overview of the course to manage learners’ expectations.
Course outcomes A summary of the significant learning that learners will demonstrate by the completion of a course.
Course curriculum The content of the course is relevant, up-to-date, and appropriate for all ages, which does not violate the terms and conditions.
The respective lessons in each course are in complete sequence and able to be played.
Duration Minimum 30 minutes duration. Kindly ensure the minimum requirement is met before submitting the course.
  • Courses in English, Bahasa Malaysia, Mandarin, and Tamil are preferable to be published on the e- LATiH.
  • Ensure the accent of any language used is clear and understandable by the learners.
  • There should no mixing of languages in a course except for certain technical terms.

Learning Materials Description / Requirements
  • Accepted format is MP4
  • The video quality must be at least 1080p.
  • Audio quality of each course must be clear for learners without any surrounding background interruption.
  • Maximum recommended file size for each learning material to be uploaded is 800MB.
  • Accepted format is SCORM.
  • If Content Providers are using SCORM packages, kindly ensure it is SCORM 1.2 version.
  • The courses are well organized and consistent. Each course submitted for approval must be categorised properly according to the:
    • Skill Area
    • Course Level
    • Delivery Language
Overall Quality Please ensure there is no typing error or third-party copyright issue for the title, course description, and others.
  • Multiple-choice
  • Matching
  • Fill in the blank
Additional Resources
  • This learning material serves only as additional resources for learners.
  • Accepted formats are doc,pdf,ppt,xls.
  • These resources can be downloaded by learners.

6. Can I amend/disable/remove courses that have been published on e-LATiH?

  • No, you are not allowed to amend/disable/remove any published courses without obtaining HRD Corp’s approval through email.

  • For any issue, please contact elatihpremium@hrdcorp.gov.my.

7. Is e-LATiH Premium course levy claimable and what are the requirements?

  • Yes, it is levy claimable.

  • You must follow all the requirements of Allowable Course Matrix (ACM) https://hrdcorp.gov.my/employer-guidelines/

  • As a temporary measure, employers can only utilise their levy with the reimbursement method as described below:
    i. Employers submit for grant application on eTris.
    ii. Upon grant approval, employers may purchase the course.
    iii. Employers apply for reimbursement.

Content Provider Payments

1. Do I have to pay any fees to become a Content Provider on e-LATiH?

  • There is no fee required to become a Content Provider on e-LATiH.

2. How do I gain revenue from the Premium Courses?

  • You will gain revenue when learners buy your published courses.

3. Do I need to submit for claim application?

  • No, an invoice to HRD Corp will be automatically generated by the system.

4. How will I get paid for my Premium courses?

  • You must provide your banking details at the Content Provider account to receive payments. Payments will be made based on revenue generated at agreed intervals.

  • For more information on payments, please refer to the CP Terms and Conditions.

5. Do I have to pay for the Sales and Services Tax (SST)?

  • No, SST charged to the end user will be paid by HRD Corp to the Jabatan Kastam Diraja Malaysia.

6. How often will I get my payment?

  • You will receive your payment on a monthly basis.

7. How can I track my revenue?

  • You are able to track and monitor all their revenue and enrolments through the CP Course Revenue tab.


1. Who should I contact for technical support?

2. How do I get more information about e-LATiH Premium?

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