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Personal Development


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Course Requirements

Basic English Language Comprehension Proficiency of CEFR A2 Level

Course Description

All businesses are about solving problems. From the earliest trade to the most recent, a problem is identified and someone comes along with a solution to solve that problem. This is especially true for every business. 

Learning problem-solving isn’t just about addressing immediate issues. It's about developing a mindset and skill set that prepares individuals to thrive in various aspects of their business as well as life fostering resilience, innovation, and growth.

Gain profound insights about the barriers, the common pitfalls and mistakes to avoid to effectively solve problems. 

Join my OnLive class to gain knowledge on how you can unlock your problem-solving abilities and pave your path to quality and excellence to boost your business.

Course Outcomes

At the end of this session, you will be able to:

1) Learn about the importance of Problem Solving in Business

2) Understand the barriers to effective decision-making and problem-solving

3) Learn the common pitfalls & mistakes to avoid in Problem Solving

4) Learn the things to do to save time in Problem Solving

5) Learn about the importance of the team-based approach to Problem Solving

6) Learn effective Problem-Solving techniques and Creative Problem Solving 

Course Curriculum

1 [Problem-Solving Course] Mastering Effective Problem Solving in Business
1 Hour 15 Min

Learner Feedback

[Problem-Solving Course] Mastering Effective Problem Solving in Business


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