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Ben Sullins

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4.8 (60 Rating)

Course Requirements

Installed Excel on Windows or Mac

Course Description

Tired of repeating tasks in Excel that take hours? I was too, so early on when I started working in Excel (over 20yrs ago!) I began searching for ways to automate things or even do things simpler so they took fewer steps.

In this quick course, I want to share with you the latest round of tips and tricks that I've found to save me time in Excel. This course is loaded with tips and tricks all geared at doing just that, saving you a few clicks each day that add up to hundreds of hours across a year. There really is no better investment if you ask me, not just for your time but also for your sanity!

Specifically, you'll learn:

- How to remove duplicates

- Finding the Max Length of Values in a Column

- Create metadata for importing to other programs (like Salesforce)

- Automatically Bring External Data from a Website

- Automating Tasks with Macros

- Analyzing Data with Pivot Tables

- Trapping Errors in Formulas

- Finding Values Above Threshold

- Categorizing Values with Formulas

Course Outcomes

1. Removing Duplicates in Excel
2. Creating Macros in Excel
3. Combining Data with XLOOKUP
4. Automatically Pulling Data from the Web

Course Curriculum

1 Introduction

1 Removing Duplicates with Formulas

2 Removing Duplicates with Conditional Formatting

3 Finding the Max Length of Values in a Column

4 Bringing External Data from a Website Automatically

5 Bringing in Data from Separate Sheets with XLOOKUP

6 Creating Keyboard Shortcuts with Macros

7 Analyzing Data with Pivot Tables

8 Trapping Errors in Formulas

9 Finding Values Above Threshold

10 Categorizing Values with Formulas


Trainer Name

Ben Sullins

4.8 Rating
60 Reviews

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Excel Tips & Tricks 2021


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