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Ms. Carol Anthony

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Management/Business Management and Corporate Governance


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Course Requirements

As an employer, business owner and employee in Malaysia, you’ll need to understand the Malaysia Employment Act (1955) clearly to ensure compliance. The EA does not cover every single employee in Malaysia, but it does cover the majority of employees and is the main legislation on employment matters in Malaysia.

Course Description

The Employment Act (1955), also known as the EA, is an act that outlines the rights of employees and employers and their obligations under the law. Human Resources personnel have a significant role in ensuring that the company is operating and managing its employees by complying with the various Malaysia Labour Laws. It is imperative to comply with various pertinent Acts to ensure a fair workplace, an engaged workforce and to avoid expensive lawsuits.

This e-learning video is designed to update the participants with the latest amendment which will come into force in January 2023. 

Course Outline:

Module 1

  • Introduction
  • Scope of the Act

Module 2

  • Apprenticeship
  • Calculation of Wages
  • Pregnancy and Maternity
  • Work Hours
  • Leaves
  • Foreign Employees

Module 3

  • Flexible Work Arrangement
  • Dispute on Wages
  • Discrimination
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Force Labour

Module 4

  • Conclusion

Course Outcomes

At the end of this session, participants will be able to:

  1.  Recognize the important aspects of the EA 1955 and conform to them.
  2.  List and audit workplace policies and procedures to ensure they comply with the latest amendments of EA 1955.
  3.  Know the latest amendments and describe their importance

Course Curriculum

1 Introduction
15 Min

This module will discuss what EA 1955 is about and determine and separate the employees who within the scope

1 EA 1955 Amendments Part 1
14 Min

This module will be discussing the new Terms and Conditions on the latest amendments of the EA on Apprenticeship, Calculation of Wages, Pregnancy and Maternity, Work Hours, Leaves and Foreign Employees.

1 EA 1955 Amendments Part 2
16 Min

This module is discussing on the new arrangement of flexible work arrangement, disputes on wages, discrimination in employment, awareness of sexual harassment and forced labour

1 Summary of the Amendments
10 Min

This module will give a key point summary of each of the latest amendments of the act.


Trainer Name

Ms. Carol Anthony

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Employment Act 1955: Must-Know 2023 Amendments


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