Trainer Name

Alex Genadinik

Skill Area

Management/Business Management and Corporate Governance


4.6 (572 Rating)

Course Requirements

You should be a solo entrepreneur who is hiring online freelancers and looking to improve your project management skills

Course Description

If you are a solopreneur or a small business owner, learn project management fundamentals for small businesses, and complete your projects successfully, on time, and on budget.

- Learn business prioritization and decision-making

- Learn to use Trello productivity and project management software

- Hire the best freelancers and make sure they deliver successful projects

- Master early team building

Course Outcomes

1. Have your products go more smoothly, on time and on budget
2. Understand different software project management methodologies so you can use the right one for your project
3. Manage and complete software projects
4. Save money and time on not hiring wrong developers and not mis-managing the projects
5. Increase the chances of success for your business by properly managing your developers to ensure that the project gets completed with high quality
6. Use project management productivity tools like Trello

Course Curriculum

1 Solopreneur Management Welcome Video

2 Choosing The Right Project Goals

3 How I Prioritize My Tasks

4 Difference In Experimenting Vs Knowing

5 Eisenhower Box Intro

6 Further Prioritization Beyond Decision Matrix

7 Happiness Psychology

8 Example Of Priotity Tasks To Matrix To Schedule

9 Task Management For Exponential Results

10 Trello Sign Up

11 Creating New Trello Boards And Inviting People

12 How long a software project should take to complete

13 Working With To Do Lists In Trello And Making Tasks Manageable

14 Trello Starting To Work With A Team

15 Trello Paid Options

16 Introduction To Delegation

17 NEW Tip to increase your productivity

18 Strategies For Hiring Freelencers

19 Showing Fiverr And Upwork Plus Hiring Criteria

20 Solopreneur Budgeting

21 CheapIs Not Cheap

22 Introduction To Technical Team Building

23 Two Websites to Help You Find Technical Co-founders

24 How to put together the documentation to make the developer most effective

25 How to begin working with a new developer or a new technical co-founder

26 Extreme Product Development

27 Example Of How I Use MVP In Books

28 Back End Vs Front End Devs

29 Introduction To Agile

30 Waterfall

31 Technical Debt

32 Backing Up Your Work

33 Beta Apha Explained

34 How Long Should A Project Take

35 Four Happiness Hormones

36 Productivity Apps Section Introduction

37 Pomodoro App And Chrome Plugin

38 Social Media Automation

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Basics of Project Management


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