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LC Ong

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Digital Technologies and Digital Transformation


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Course Requirements

  • Tech-savvy
  • Have basic content development skills

Course Description

Instructional design is crucial for making interesting digital content that helps people learn. It requires careful planning to keep learners interested and help them understand and remember information. By making sure content is inclusive, instructional designers ensure it meets the needs of different people. With smart strategies, creators improve learning, helping people understand and use ideas in real life. Overall, instructional design helps learners reach their goals effectively and includes everyone.

Course Outcomes

  • Identify and describe the components of the ADDIE Model for instructional design.
  • Demonstrate the application of instructional design principles in the creation of online modules.
  • Produce digital content that effectively engages learners and supports learning objectives
  • Create multimedia digital content and assessments using a variety of online tools.

Course Curriculum

1 Overview

1 Introduction to Instructional Design

2 The Principles of Andragogy and Learning Styles

3 Knowledge Check [Quiz]
Start 4 Min

1 The ADDIE Model

2 Knowledge Check [Quiz]
Start 4 Min

1 Learning Objectives, Learning Outcomes, Preparing Training Contents and Creating Storyboard

2 Assignment: Design a Storyboard for an E-Learning Module

Create a storyboard for a brief e-learning module on a topic you prefer, and choose one module with two submodules. This task aims to assess your ability to create a storyboard for an e-learning module. - Each slide should include relevant visuals to enhance understanding and engagement. - Ensure the content is presented in a clear and concise manner suitable for adults. - Use interactive elements such as quizzes or review questions to promote active learning. - Aim for a balance between text and visuals to maintain learner interest.

1 Tools Available for Digital Content

2 Curriculum Transfer to Digital Contents and Create a Basic Video

3 Assignment: Create a Simple E-Learning Video

Create a simple e-learning video using the storyboard you made in the last module. You can use MS PowerPoint, Canva, or any other tools you're comfortable with to craft the video. Ensure the content is presented clearly and concisely suitable for adults. Submit the final version of the e-learning video for evaluation.

1 Summary of Key Learnings

2 Evaluation Form

1. Module 3 Assignment
2. Module 4 Assignment

Learner Feedback

Designing Digital Learning: Where Innovation Meets Instructional Excellence


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