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Course Requirements

All level of individuals who want to learn about anti-corruption compliance.

Course Description

  • Provide disclosure and understanding of whistleblowing practices.
  • Provide knowledge to individuals on common whistleblowing practice.
  • Provide understanding and knowledge to individuals regarding the importance of whistleblowing and the benefit in making changes in an organisation.
  • Provide the understanding and knowledge to individuals on the rights of a whistleblower and what are the steps in performing whistleblowing.

Course Outcomes

  • Detect, prevent and aware of act of corruption thru exercising your right as a whistleblower.
  • Be aware of your protection rights as a whistleblower.
  • Understand the procedures of whistleblowing and conduct it with honest and truthful.
  • Promote and instill confidence and trust to potential partners and investors in an organisation.
  • Demonstrate and abide by anti-corruption good practice established by the organisation.

Course Curriculum

1 L1 - Introduction to Whistleblowing
12 Min

The first lesson is a brief introduction on whistleblower protection and what are the common questions and doubts that the public has on whistleblower protection.

2 L2 - What is Whistleblowing
7 Min

To understand the context of whistleblowing and disclosing improper conduct.

3 L3 - How does the Act protect the whistleblower?
6 Min

To understand the context of Act and regulations that governs the protection of whistleblower.

4 L4 - Section 6: Disclosure of Improper Conduct
6 Min

To understand the context of Section 6 and its related processes and procedures in the enforcement agency.

5 L5 - Section 10: Detrimental Action
6 Min

To understand the context of Section 10 and how the whistleblower is protected against detrimental action.

6 L6 - Section 8: Protection of Confidential Information
5 Min

To understand what confidential information under Section 8 is and how it is protected.

7 L7 - Section 7: Whistleblower's Protection
6 Min

To understand the context of Section 7 and how is protection given under the Act.

8 L8 - Section 11: Revocation of Protection
5 Min

To understand when revocation of whistleblower protection is effected and its consequences to whistleblower.

9 L9 - Enforcement, Offences and Penalties
5 Min

Learners will be exposed to enforcement action, offences and penalties under the Whistleblower Protection Act to have a better understanding of the rights of a whistleblower.

10 L10 - Case Study
6 Min

Case study will help you understand the processes in whistleblower protection.

11 Assessment for Whistleblower Protection [Quiz]
Start 50 Min

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