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Digital Technologies and Digital Transformation


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No prior knowledge required

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While most people spend their time each day implementing tactics, strategy sets the course for what tactics should be used. Without an understanding of the organization strategy, people may spend time on tasks that do not move the business toward its strategic objectives. Stories are a very effective way to communicate the reason why behind the organization goals and plans. When employees understand why they are doing what they do, they tend to be more effective and productive, as well as happier.

Course Outcomes

At the end of this course you should be able to understand the Storytelling to Communicate Strategy Determine how to use stories to explain the origin of strategy. Identify how to use stories to show the effects of strategic objectives. Recognize how to use storytelling to engage stakeholders in strategy discussions. Determine how to use storytelling to communicate your organization past, present, and future to provide context for strategy.

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1 Storytelling to Communicate Strategy
25 Min

Storytelling to Communicate Strategy

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Storytelling to Communicate Strategy


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