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Financial Services and Financial Technologies


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Course Requirements

  • Please go through ALL videos in the 'Courses', guided by the workbooks.
  • You may download the workbooks in the 'Additional Resources'.
  • While watching & listening to the videos, you can do the activities in the respective workbook, for an effective learning experience.

Course Description

This course is designed to equip students with the required Islamic finance knowledge, help them understand some of the basic concepts behind Islamic finance, and give them a solid foundation upon which to build as they progress through their studies. The knowledge to be gained would assist students to understand better dealing with Islamic finance inquiries, issues, and challenges.

Course Outcomes

  • Apply respective contracts to a specific case for a specific purpose
  • Relate values in Shariah that are consistent with universal values
  • Illustrate the flexibility of Islamic commercial law to meet financial needs without resorting to lending for an interest
  • Trace the importance of Shariah compliance in all financial activities
  • Measure the features of Islamic finance which derived from Shariah principles to enable the development of Shariah-compliant financial products
  • Explain how Islamic finance satisfies financial needs without violating religious prohibitions

Course Curriculum

1 Fundamental of Islamic Finance
16 Min

2 Underlying Principles in Islamic Finance Activity
17 Min

3 Shariah Compliance (Part 1)
7 Min

4 Shariah Compliance (Part 2)
11 Min

5 Overview of Financial Regulatory for Islamic Finance Industry
16 Min

1 An Overview of Formation Shariah Contracts
11 Min

2 Classification of Shariah Contracts
19 Min

1 Sale-Based Shariah Contracts (Part 1)
12 Min

2 Sale-Based Shariah Contracts (Part 2)
11 Min

3 Sale-Based Shariah Contracts (Part 3)
13 Min

1 Lease-Based Shariah Contracts
13 Min

2 Equity-Based Shariah Contracts
16 Min

3 Loan & Safe Custody Shariah Contracts
7 Min

4 Security & Work/Services Shariah Contracts
17 Min

5 Unilateral Shariah Contracts
7 Min

1. Fundamental of Islamic Finance
2. Underlying Principles in Islamic Finance Activity
3. Shariah Compliance (Part 1)
4. Shariah Compliance (Part 2)
5. Overview of Financial Regulatory for Islamic Finance Industry
6. An Overview of Formation Shariah Contracts
7. Classification of Shariah Contracts
8. Sale-Based Shariah Contracts (Part 1)
9. Sale-Based Shariah Contracts (Part 2)
10. Sale-Based Shariah Contracts (Part 3)
11. Lease-Based Shariah Contracts
12. Equity-Based Shariah Contracts
13. Loan & Safe Custody Shariah Contracts
14. Security & Work/Services Shariah Contracts
15. Unilateral Shariah Contracts


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Amanie Academy

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